34 Simple Conjunctions Worksheets Design Ideas

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In such situations, the more important idea a part of the major clause and the less important idea a part of the subordinate clause. One of the greatest strategies to emphasize main thoughts and de-emphasize less important ideas is by way of coordination and subordination of sentence parts. They can also be structured as part of a participial phrase at the beginning of a sentence and combined with a main idea in a second sentence to form one sentence from two.

In such situations, the latter sentence can frequently be combined with the preceding sentence. A different way to connect short sentences together is through the usage of subordinating conjunctions. An occasional short sentence, but not only can help to continue to keep readers’ interest by staving off an overabundance of long sentences, but it’s also an easy method to emphasize a notion.

Conjunctions are helpful for making lists. As with other language modalities, they exist because they assist. After the conjunction is employed in the center of a sentence its meaning is weaker. The three different kinds of conjunctions indicate various relationships between the elements joined. A subordinating conjunction doesn’t need to get separated from the remainder of the sentence by a comma. Correlative conjunctions are employed in pairs to set up a particular relationship between elements of equal price. In these examples, the correlative conjunctions are italicized for effortless identification.


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